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  • We love Kyoto

Organization and Related Professionals

CEO / Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Univ., Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology

Norio Nakatsuji

Auditor / Partner, NII Tax Accountant Office

Seiichiro Nii

Technical Advisor

Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University (WPI-iCeMS)

Koichi Hasegawa /  Senior Lecturer, NCBS-inStem Satellite Group, Ph.D.


Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Dept. of Regeneration Science and Engineering, Kyoto University

Hirofumi Suemori /  Assoc. Prof., Lab. of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Ph.D.

Eihachiro Kawase /  Lecturer, Lab. of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Ph.D.

Shinichiro Chuma /  Assoc. Prof. Lab. of Developmental epigenome, Ph.D.